New Los Angeles Ordinance

The UCBA Board of Directors voted unanimously to publicly support Proposition M, the City of Los Angeles sponsored cannabis regulatory ballot initiative. The UCBA Board of Directors strongly feels that the best way to ensure uniform cannabis regulations for patients, communities and cannabis businesses is by working with the Los Angeles City Council rather than continuing to seek voter approval for our own initiative.

Over a two month time period, 103,000 signatures were collected from City of Los Angeles voters which helped frame the conversation that led to the writing of Proposition M by the City Council’s leadership.  We are pleased that many of the ideas in our initiative are included in Proposition M. Our goal has always been to work with the City in writing an ordinance and to regulate cannabis business activity in light of Prop 64 and MCRSA. Proposition N was the catalyst that lead to Proposition M and created a much broader inclusion of the overarching initiative.

 For a copy of the text of Prop N – the UCBA ordinance – click HERE
 For a copy of the text of Prop M – the City ordinance – click HERE