Becoming a Member

UCBA Members will gain first hand access to legislative activities affecting our industry, support the advocacy and public affairs efforts, and support efforts for signature gathering and political campaigns. UCBA believes that keeping our members informed and engaged is critically important, particularly as it relates to relevant policy and political issues involving the industry. We are excited you are on this journey with us and look forward to working with you on our team.

The UCBA Trade Association has three types of membership levels available.

Board of Directors:
The Executive Board of UCBA will be responsible for setting the policies and direction for the Association. Each Board member will have the ability to vote on all UCBA matters.

General Member:
All general members of the UCBA are invited to attend monthly meetings and participate in all UCBA discussion items.

Associate Member:
Associate members of the UCBA are intended only for industry suppliers and vendors of collectives

The UCBA executive board includes:

*         Jerred Kiloh (The Higher Path)

*         Brennan Thicke (Venice Beach Care Center)

*         Diana De La Mora (DC Collective)

*         Javier Montes (Delta 9)

*         Chris Malcolm (Coast to Coast)

*         Carlos de La Torre (Cornerstone Research Group)