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LICENSED dispensaries are safe dispensaries with LEGALLY tested products and standards for security. Consumer safety is a reason why we legalized cannabis.

EQUALITY in Hiring, Training and Purchasing cannabis products from other licensed professionals, are the goals we strive for. Diversity is important to our new industry.

GOOD NEIGHBORS. Legal Neighbors are good neighbors. We help keep our surroundings clean, safe and ADA accessible. We take pride in our community and work hard to make our dispensary a place you are proud of, as well.

ACCESS. to information about cannabis products, how to consume safely, and how to determine the correct dosage is part of the dispensary experience. We are professionals, we look forward to sharing.

LEGAL VOICE. By partnering with local dispensaries, you become a part of the legal voice that is shaping the cannabis industry and protecting consumers.

The UCBA Trade Association has three types of Membership levels available:

Board of Directors


General Member


Affiliate Member


UCBA Members will gain first hand access to legislative activities affecting our industry, support the advocacy and public affairs efforts, and support efforts for signature gathering and political campaigns. UCBA believes that keeping our members informed and engaged is critically important, particularly as it relates to relevant policy and political issues involving the industry. We are excited you are on this journey with us and look forward to working with you on our team.

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Members of the Board of Directors will set UCBA’s policies and direction by having the exclusive right to vote and hold office. Each Board Member will sit on the Board of Directors and will have one vote on each action item. The Board is entitled to request information, reports and statements when conducting reasonable inquiries. Each Board Member is entitled to a vote and will be counted towards quorum at the Annual Meeting of Members held in the first quarter of each year. Board Members will have the authority to create, regulate and define committees and/or subcommittees necessary for the growth and success of UCBA. Board Members will have the exclusive opportunity to nominate and elect the Executive Committee. Only Board Members can run for an elected officer or Board Member Representative position on the Executive Committee. Board Members also have the opportunity to serve on the Membership, Advisory and/or Legal Committees. Owners/Partners of more than one collective may have their other collectives join as members at the General Membership Level.


General Members are entitled to attend monthly meetings and participate in all discussions but will not be allowed to vote or hold office. General Members are also included in weekly UCBA email updates from the City and State, are invited to stakeholder meetings and events, and are given full access to UCBA’s City and State teams.


This membership level is focused on suppliers and vendors of collectives and is created to receive support from those businesses who provide goods and services to collectives. Affiliate Members do not need to be Prop-D compliant, but must be a cultivator, transporter, manufacturer, tester or distributor of lawfully cultivated cannabis. Affiliate Members are not entitled to vote or hold office.

The UCBA Board of Directors includes:
Jerred Kiloh (The Higher Path)
Diana De La Mora (DC Collective)
Javier Montes (Delta 9)
Chris Malcolm (Coast to Coast)
Carlos de La Torre (Cornerstone Research Collective)


801 S. Figueroa St. Ste 1050
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel. 213.255.9210

How Can the UCBA Help your Cannabis Business Grow?

UCBA welcomes cannabis industry members to join our association and be a part of the next steps our industry is taking in Los Angeles. As a member of UCBA, you will gain access to industry news, political events, and member meetings.