Who We Are

The UCBA Trade Association was founded in 2015 by the cannabis industry’s most distinguished leaders. Our association and its members are dedicated to providing the highest quality treatments to their patients and are focused on working to raise awareness and increase education of the market and its benefits. As the premiere association for the industry, the UCBA brings together the forerunners of this constantly evolving industry to serve as a voice for this often misrepresented trade through advocacy, education, and innovation.


Alternative Medicine Group

Delta 9 T.H.C.

Green Cross of Torrance

Perennial Holistic Wellness Center

Green Earth Collective

Green Valley Collective

Organic Green Treatment Center

Cannabal City Collective

Coast to Coast Collective

Red Moon

Compassionate Patient Resources

Strain Balboa

California Patients Alliance (dba Emerald Room LA)

Nature's Cure